The Toranomon area where various people, creatures, and things go and go everyday, changing the landscape.
When thinking the place where the possibility of creating a new connection is hidden as one "park", what is "park" for us? We started this booklet as a place to think about the utility the park plays in our business.

"Hello, Mirai Tokyo!" Introduces the architects, artists, lawyers and other players forming the future of Tokyo. Every article has been changed and articles that introduce recommended spots in the Toranomon area are also substantial.

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OUR PARKS Issue.08

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  • Issue.07 November 2016
    Toranomon Hills Christmas / Toranomon, 7 things that can only be done this winter
    Hello, Mirai Tokyo! Interview: Ross Cooper (General Manager, Andaz Tokyo)
  • Issue.06 September 2016
    Toranomon Flower Mart / Toranomon, 7 things that only this autumn can do
    Hello, Mirai Tokyo! Interview: Taro Kodama (Representative of Anchor Star Ltd.)
  • Issue.05 July 2016
    Toranomon Hills BBQ Chita style fragrant highball garden / Toranomon, 7 things that can only be done this summer
    Hello, Mirai Tokyo! Interview: Yu Mizuno (Representative of Citrites Law Firm)
  • Issue.04 November 2015
    Toranomon Time Travel Walking / It is never too late to enjoy the city. / Historical exploration at Toranomon
    Hello, Mirai Tokyo! Interview: Seiichi Saito (Representative Director Rhizomatiks Co., Ltd.)
  • Issue.03 November 2015
    Awa - Paxx Christmas Live 2015 / Places to listen to music / Toranomon Suites Eat meal MAP
    Hello, Mirai Tokyo! Interview: Shigeru Matsumoto (Komyoji Temple)
  • Issue.02 July 2015
    World high ball and beer park / British gentleman said. / Toranomon, 10 noodle shark noodles
    Hello, Mirai Tokyo! Interview: Mr. Isayama (CEO of WiL co-head)
  • Issue.01 March 2015
    Toranomon Sunday Yoga / New Yorker and Park / Sports Lifestyle Map
    Hello, Mirai Tokyo! Interview: Manabe Daito (Director, Rhizomatiks Co., Ltd.)


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Free at the time of publication, in the rack of Toranomon Hills installation