Thursday, November 22, 2018, 23 (Friday, congratulation)
Toranomon Flower Mart 2018 Christmas Edition "Thank You Always"

We hold a winter flower market where you can meet the perfect item for Christmas. With the theme of "Thank You Always", we suggested a gift for flowers that delivers gratitude to the loved one. Also this time we started on the first weekday, we opened a number of unique flower shops and grocery stores, including the shop "ikanika (Ikanika)" by Mr. Kazumi Hirai, a flower stylist who supervises this market. We also organized goods sales unique to the Christmas season, a flower book with talks by Morioka Bookstore Morioka Bookstore, a book talk show, a succulent plant workshop and so on.

Project: BAGN Inc. / Kazumi Hirai
Shop entrance: ikanika / TOKIIRO / Sakura Flowlist / les mille feuilles de liberte / wolf wolf + flower shop western district shop / hanauta # / blanc / socuka / GOOD NEIGHBORS 'FINE FOODS / Tiny N / two months / gourd and cereal / TIES + LAND / HISAKO MAEDA


Saturday, April 21, 2018, Sunday 22nd
Toranomon Flower Mart Spring 2018

The 5 th Toranomon Flower Mart was held. This time it became a blessed two-day event this time, Ikanika (Ikanika) by flower stylist Hirai Kazumi who handles supervision of this market, "ikanika (ikanika)" handmade with seasonal flowers and arranging flowers etc. ŒUVRE (Ururu) ", ​​we made limited stores and workshops with popular flow lists that do not usually have shops. In addition, as the first effort, we cooperate with the producer of commitment under the cooperation of "Oda Flower Co., Ltd." which operates the largest flower wholesale market in Japan and collaborate with some shops. We set up a place to interact with customers, delivered raw voices directly to the farm, such as how to grow flowers, features and production background.

Project: BAGN Inc. / Kazumi Hirai
Shop store: ¸UVRE / Tiny N / Sakura Flowlist / les mille feuilles de liberte / ikanika / い い ろ wolf + florist 西 葉 店 店 / hanauta # / VEIN + fiore soffitta / Hana Tutumi / GOOD NEIGHBORS 'FINE FOODS / cotito / duft / HISAKO MAEDA / Forager / blanc / socuka / Gourd and cerebrum / TIES


November 25 (Sat), 26 (Sun) in 2017
Toranomon Flower Mart 2017 Christmas Holiday Edition

Before the Christmas season, the fourth flower "Toranomon Flower Mart" is lined with flowers and plants proposed by individual flower shops, and Christmas leases and swags that were not seen in usual flower marts.
Under the theme of meeting various flowers related to flowers, we held a workshop corresponding to candy and gifts for Christmas only.

Project: BAGN INC./ Hirai Kazumi
Shop entrance: Uglytsu and cerebral rain / VEIN / o-kitchen / GOOD NEIGHBORS 'FINE FOODS / cotito / Sakura flow list / fiore soffitta / socuka / Tiny N / TIES / duft / wolf wolf + flower shop west district shop / hanauta # / Hana Tutumi / blanc / two moons / molocoe / les mille feuilles de liberte


April 8 (Sat), 9 (Sun) in 2017
Toranomon Flower Mart 2017 Spring

A new type flower market to be held at the atrium where commercial stores coloring the expression of Toranomon Hills line up.
This third time, which is the third time, we had a series of popular shops with individuality rich in character, from the flower shops newly opened in Tokyo to the topic shops that were independent from popular flow lists, and the number of store openings was also the highest It was. In addition to selling miscellaneous goods and books of spring and flower motifs, foods, etc., we also held a talk event with flower stylist Kazumi Hirai who worked on supervision and popular flow lists.

Project: BAGN INC./ Hirai Kazumi
Seller: ANONYME / ikanika / Uvre / Vein / ゥ UVRE / VEIN / GOOD NEIGHBORS 'FINE FOODS / Sakura flow list / duft / TOKIIRO / い い ろ wolf + flower shop western district shop / hanauta # / piika / Forager / poppy seeds / ま る ふ く farm / les mille feuilles de liberte

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