October 26, 2018 (Friday) to October 27 (Saturday) 2018
Toranomon Book Paradise 2018

TORANOMON BOOK PARADISE ", a dream market for books that I like as book 2, which is my favorite book.
From a newly published bookstore to an old book store, a popular publisher and a shop handling goods for reading, a special two-day event where a wide range of booths meet together.
A moving bookstore "moving bookstore car", a book shop that brings books of bookbindings for a box of used books "a box of second-hand books" and special guest bookstores led by regional book culture, a large collection of diverse lineups.
We held a talk event that can hear real bookstore circumstances, as well as last time, we invited NUMA BOOKS representative Shintaro Uchinuma to coordinator and enjoyed attractive content related to books.

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November 3, 2017 (Friday, congratulation), 4th (Saturday)
El Cinema Knight

The first movie event held at Oval Square, collaborated with El Cinema Knight, held annually by the movie-loving magazine ELLE (El).
"ELLE" selected two representative works by director Sofia Coppola "Marie Antoinette" and "Lost in translation" on a powerful large screen.
A kitchen car that can enjoy meal while watching a movie also appeared, invited guests as Mr. Nobuya Kiyotsuka who is attracting attention as "noble principal of the piano world" and model / actress Mr. Akiko Momo with experience of appearing in the screening work We also held a talk show. Through the movie, I sent a moment of fine holiday to deepen the autumn of the culture.

Cooperation: "ELLE" (Hearst Women's Publishing Co., Ltd.)


October 28 (Sat), 29 (Sun) in 2017
Toranomon Book Paradise 2017

A book of dreams for books liked by books, by book lovers. "Festival of the book" perfect for reading autumn was held on Toranomon Hills setting.
From a newly published bookstore to an old book store, a popular publisher and a shop handling goods for reading, a wide range of booths gathered in addition to the bookstore 's moving bookstore "Mobile bookstore car" and books liked by a box of cardboard "Box one second shopping mall" bringing used books from Japan, and special guests invited from all over the country, a variety of shops gathered. In addition, workshop booths related to printing and paper, which can be enjoyed not only by adults but also by children, also appeared and it became a bustling two days.

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