Facility service

It is information on Toranomon Hills facility service. Please use all means.

Hills Wi-Fi

It is a Wi-Fi service that you can use free of charge within Toranomon Hills.

Area Mori Tower 2F / 3F / 4F Common Space
Time 24hours
  • Common space can be used during opening hours (7: 00 ~ 23: 00).

HILLS CARD point exchange machine

We are installing a point exchange machine of Hills Card which is a point card common to target facilities such as Toranomon Hills, Roppongi Hills, Omotesando Hills, Venus Fort and others.

Area Mori Tower 2F Atagozan side entrance side
Time 11:00~21:00
Phone Hills Card Customer Center
03-6406-6410 (reception hours: 10: 00 ~ 18: 00)
URL http://www.hillscard.com/外部リンク


ATM, E-net ATM is THE 3RD Famima! It is installed inside.

Area Mori Tower 3F THE 3RD Famima! Inside
Time According to store opening hours

Smoking area

We have established a designated smoking area. Please refrain from smoking outside the designated area while walking in the facility.

Area Mori Tower 3F
Time 7:00~23:00

Multipurpose restroom

In the facility, there is a multi-purpose toilet that can be used together by wheelchairs and parents.

Area Mori Tower B1F / 1F / 2F / 3F / 4F
Time 7:00~23:00
  • 1F for 24 hours, 4F for 11: 00-23: 00

Nursing space

There is a nursing space in the facility. Please use it when breastfeeding or diaper change.

Area Mori Tower 3F / 4F
Time 7:00~23:00
  • 4F is from 11: 00-23: 00
Main facilities Diaper change stand, diaper trash can, chair

Public phone

You can use public phones below.

Area Mori Tower 1F Elevator entrance side
Time 24hours

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