Toranomon Hills Residence

You can enjoy the charming views of the city center of Tokyo, such as Tokyo Tower, Rainbow Bridge, Tokyo Sky Tree and the green of the Imperial Palace, from a total of 172 houses on the floors from the 37th floor to the 46th floor. In addition, we can also use services for residences in cooperation with "Anders Tokyo". A staff full of hospitable space that is unlikely to be the city center, outstanding view, hospitality. We propose a life that can enjoy the full charm of Tokyo.

Attraction of Toranomon Hills Residence

Interior view

From one bedroom of all flooring to three bedrooms where you can see the city center from the living dining room, we have a variety of arrangements. In addition to the high-rise unique view, high-quality design and comfortable space are attractive.


Bilingual front staff and 24-hour security staff will support everyone's daily lives.

Panorama Lounge

The panorama lounge on the 37th floor can enjoy the view of the big sky and the city center spreading under the eyes. The design is supervised by Tonight & Associates as well as the rooms and restaurants of "Anders Tokyo". Because it has a kitchen, you can use it as an extension of your living room, such as a party.

"Andaz Tokyo" Residence service

If you live in Toranomon Hills Residence, you can use "Andaz Tokyo" service for residence.
(Service contents: Room service, Laundry service
Housekeeping service, catering business trip services by hotel chef, resident exclusive privilege service (spa, restaurant, bar etc.))

  • Service is charged. The contents may be changed.


If you live at MORI LIVING, you can use special benefits such as special discounts and services at various facilities and shops such as Roppongi Hills, Omotesando Hills, Toranomon Hills, "Resident Limited Benefit Program" MORI LIVING Smile " You can use.

  • It will be limited service for residents of MORI LIVING.

Resident Limited Event

MORI LIVING holds various residence limited events every month. Music, cinema, art, golf, wine, cooking classes, cultural sessions that can touch Japanese culture, events for children. Also, sometimes luxury brands in Roppongi Hills and Omotesando Hills will host fashion shows and receptions for residents only.

  • It will be limited service for residents living in rental residence of MORI LIVING.

Toranomon Hills Residence

Total units

172 houses

Occupied area 44.80㎡〜239.83㎡
Floor structure

37th Floor - 46th Floor House
37th floor part lounge
First floor partial entrance, Lobby

Design supervision

Tony Chi Associates (Shared Department)