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Andaz Tokyo

The hyatt-oriented luxury lifestyle hotel "Andaz" meaning "personal style" in Hindi is a hotel offering a comfortable yet exciting stay, incorporating the individuality and charm of the area.
Each and every guest can enjoy a cozy and good time in your own style while seeing a beautiful panoramic view from Andaz Tokyo located in the center of Tokyo convenient for leisure and business.

a name of a hotel Andaz Tokyo
Total floor area Approximately 25,000 m² (excluding parking lot)
Floor configuration 52nd Floor | Rooftop Bar , Chapel, Event Space
51st Floor | Andaz Lounge, Andaz Tavan, Event Space
47 th floor - 50 th floor | 164 rooms (including 8 suites) 50 m² - 210 m²
37th Floor | AO Spa & Club
1st Floor | Entrance, Cafe & Bar BeBu, Pastry Shop
Event space, Meeting room: 51st - 52rd floor
Roof Top Studio | 210 m² (Banquet 90, Standing 120)
Tokyo Studio | 260 m² (Ban 130, Reception 150 people)
Chef's Studio | 100 m² (Open kitchen included Banquet 30, Standing 40)
Andaz Studio AB | 100 m² (Theater type 70 people)
Andaz Studio CD | 100 m² (Theater type 70 people)
  • Andaz Studio can be divided into A and B, C and D respectively, and it can be used as 50 m² studio.
Design supervision Toni Q Associates (guest room, shared area)
SIMPLICITY (spa, event space, bar, chapel)
Operating company Mori Building Hospitality Corporation / Hyatt International Asia Pacific Limited