Toranomon Hills Event space

Oval Square

Open space where extensive lawn spreads.
Toranomon Hills utilizes the "three-dimensional road system" that can construct buildings above and below the road. As a result, the underground tunnel penetrates the building and the ground is opened to pedestrians and green. Local residents and office workers, as well as people who visited realized a space where you can enjoy walking and green slowly.
It can be used for various product PR and promotion development such as development of vehicle exhibition etc, press events etc.


Atrium is a place of relaxation for office workers and neighbors. A sunny sunlight, a vibrant green grass spreading over the glass and trees create a comfortable space.


" TORANOMON HILLS CAFE " is a cafe space located at the entrance of Toranomon Hills.
The compact size and easy-to-use size of about 20 tsubo, which is suitable for organizing new products, talk event, gallery, school etc.
"Toranomon Hills" that connects the world and Tokyo as a business hub, and the community hub connecting people living there, that is TORANOMON HILLS CAFE .