Toranomon Hills Business Tower

Toranomon Hills Business Tower

The business tower is an office tower with 36 stories, a large office at a global level of about 94,000 square meters (approximately 28,000 tsubo), and about 6,300 m² (about 1,900 tsubo) of commercial facilities. It is also connected with Hibiya Line New Station (Toranomon Hills Station) and the existing Ginza Line Toranomon Station. Also, on the first floor, we set up a bus terminal of about 1,000 square meters (about 300 tsubo) that can take and leave BRT and the airport limousine bus connecting the city center and the seaside, and connects the world and the city center as "the gateway to Tokyo" It works.
At the Tokyo Olympic Games and Paralympic Games in 2020, it will be a transportation base that links players' villages in the Harumi area with stadiums, stadiums and stadiums in the downtown area and the gulfs, players and audiences. Currently, Toranomon 1-chome district urban redevelopment association is promoting business.

Lower layer
Innovation Center
Bus terminal

On the 1st floor external part, we will set up a park with a green area of ​​about 1,200 square meters opened in the area.
On the 4th floor, we set up an innovation center of about 3,000 square meters gathered in various fields of innovators from entrepreneurs and large business to new business executives. We will support the creation of new business through exchanges and training.

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Background and schedule

  • National Strategy Special Zone Identification Project Approval
    June 2015
  • City planning decision
    July 2015
  • Construction
    February 2017
  • Completion
    January 2020


Project name

Toranomon 1-chome district first type city redevelopment project (A-1 block)


Part of Minato-ku Toranomon 1-chome

Site area Approximately 10,100 m²
Total floor area Approximately 173,000 m²
Floor-area ratio


Building height

Approximately 185 m


36th floor above ground, 3rd basement floor




Office, store, business support facility, parking lot etc


Toranomon 1-chome area Urban area redevelopment association


Mori Building Co., Ltd. First Class Architect Office


(Exterior) Ingenhoven Architects (Interior) Wonderwall Other


Obayashi Corporation, Kinden Corporation, Sanki Industry Co., Ltd., Saku Kogyo Co., Ltd.