The market to travel

"Traveling Market" based on Shintora-dori Avenue is a place where you can enjoy the appeal of all over Japan through workshops where you can sell gourmet and special products using seasonal ingredients throughout Japan and workshops where you can experience various experiences rooted in the area It is a style market.

The first place on the Tokyo Metropolitan Road meal facility "Traveling Stand" to expand, including "Eating Places", Cooking Classes Using Regional Specialties Ingredients and Actually Experiencing Monodzukuri Building in Communities Place "and" Market "where you can buy fresh local ingredients and processed goods, curating from the various perspectives of the attractions of various places in Japan to propose new value To do.

Looking towards the Tokyo Olympic Games and the Paralympic Games, we look forward to an increase in the number of foreigners who visit Japan, the government, the people and the region are united and we disseminate excellent charm throughout Japan. "Traveling Market" will contribute to regional creation throughout the country by connecting "humans", "goods" and "koto" throughout Japan, based on various themes for 2020.