Surrounding area (Shintora-dori Avenue)

Common name that connects Toranomon and Shimbashi " Shintora-dori Avenue ". In this area where development is progressing, new developments are spreading not only as business but also as a residential area as a spot of food, culture and entertainment. Large-scale events such as the "Tokyo New Tiger Festival (Tohoku Rokkai Festival Parade)" gathered by Tohoku's Six Festival and the "New Tiger Battle Campaign" performed with the people of the area are set in Shintora-dori Avenue It was held in.

In October 2018, "SHINTORA-DORI CORE" opened, "Traveling Market" which transmits charm of all over Japan from Shintora-dori Avenue, Shintora-dori Avenue wall art project "TOKYO MURAL PROJECT", community activities by Greenbird etc., will be a new symbol street in Tokyo Shintora-dori Avenue is expected to evolve into a more attractive town in the future.

Shintora-dori Avenue Area Map (PDF: 23.6 MB)

Surrounding area Topics

Campaign for holding strawberries at the same time!
"Malut strawberry comparison" fair start!

A food and beverage fair with a strawberry menu is held at all 35 stores in the Toranomon Hills Area, Ark Hills Area, Atago Green Hills, and Roppongi Piramide Building.
In addition, if you eat three fair menus and collect stamps, you can come to Ark Hills every Saturday during the Strawberry Fair of `` Hills Marche '' and come to the first 30 people every week to get a special set of three kinds of strawberries for the first 30 people Present.
* In addition, the strawberry present at "Hills Marche" will end as soon as the first arrival is lost.
* The contents of this fair / plan are subject to change or cancellation without prior notice.

A year-round art project set in Nishi Shimbashi

In Nishi-Shinbashi, adjacent to the Toranomon where a new cityscape is being born, based on a survey by architectural researcher Masaru Kawakatsu, the artist and the residents collaborate to make the "commons" of the town (a shareable history and elements) project. Focusing on the fact that it used to be a turf furniture production area, we will present works and workshops in the area in September 2018, and return the pieces of work to the city for about a year from February 2019. So, we are building close relationships with the people in the area. Currently, you can see the pieces with turf furniture in 14 locations in the Nishi-Shinbashi area.
Click here for details on the project outline and current developments

About "Machi and Art Museum Program": A program for people who live, work, and people who come to play to enjoy a richer, richer everyday through contemporary art and creative experiences. (Organizer: Mori Building, Mori Art Museum)


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What is Shintora-dor Avenue ?

Common name "Shintora-dor Avenue" connecting the Shinbashi and Toranomon of the ring 2 which opened in March 2014.
In Tokyo Olympics and Paralympic Games held in 2020, it is positioned as a part of the road connecting the athlete village and the stadium, and is a new symbol street in Tokyo with well-lined row of trees, wide pavement and cycling path. The roadside part of the wide sidewalk section is designated as a city renewal district based on the "Tokyo's fancy townscape promotion ordinance".