The Future of Tokyo begins here.

Hello, I'm Toranomon.

Hello, I'm Toranomon. Hi, 2014! My name is Toranomon. I'm an executive robot cat from 22nd Century Tokyo, and I just arrived in my time machine. Why? So together we can build “Mirai Tokyo”! Together we'll come up idea after idea. Countless innovative ideas! World-class ideas! And we'll make every one of them a reality! “Mirai Tokyo” begins in Toranomon Hills. What will life be like in 22nd Century Tokyo? The answer is waiting just around the corner in Toranomon Hills!



23 Toranomon 1 cho-me, Minatoku, Tokyo
Ginza Line Toranomon station 5 minutes walk via exit 1
Hibiya Line Kamiyacho station 6minutes walk via exit 3
Chiyoda/Marunouchi/Hibiya Lines Kasumigaseki station 8minutes walk via exit A12
Mita Line Uchisaiwaicho station 8 minutes walk via exit A3
11minutes walk from Shinbashi station
Opening hours: 24 hours
Parking space: 155
Charge: 200 yen per 15mins, maximum 24 hours for 3000 yen. (can be repeated)
Please present your parking ticket when paying at any of commercial facilities in Toranomon Hills.
1 hour gratis for purchases of 3000 yen at one outlet
2 hours gratis for purchases of 5000 yen at one outlet
Maximum 3 shops (3 times)