The Future of Tokyo begins here.

Hello, I'm Toranomon.

Hello, I'm Toranomon. Hi, 2014! My name is Toranomon. I'm an executive robot cat from 22nd Century Tokyo, and I just arrived in my time machine. Why? So together we can build “Mirai Tokyo”! Together we'll come up idea after idea. Countless innovative ideas! World-class ideas! And we'll make every one of them a reality! “Mirai Tokyo” begins in Toranomon Hills. What will life be like in 22nd Century Tokyo? The answer is waiting just around the corner in Toranomon Hills!

OUR PARKS 虎ノ門サンデーヨガ

Unveiling Public Art  Roots  at Toranomon Hills



23 Toranomon 1 cho-me, Minatoku, Tokyo
Ginza Line Toranomon station 5 minutes walk via exit 1
Hibiya Line Kamiyacho station 6minutes walk via exit 3
Chiyoda/Marunouchi/Hibiya Lines Kasumigaseki station 8minutes walk via exit A12
Mita Line Uchisaiwaicho station 8 minutes walk via exit A3
11minutes walk from Shinbashi station
Opening hours: 24 hours
Parking space: 155
Charge: 200 yen per 15mins, maximum 24 hours for 3000 yen. (can be repeated)
Please present your parking ticket when paying at any of commercial facilities in Toranomon Hills.
1 hour gratis for purchases of 3000 yen at one outlet
2 hours gratis for purchases of 5000 yen at one outlet
Maximum 3 shops (3 times)
*With a HILLS CARD (credit card), you will be get 1 hour of free parking at Toranomon Hills.